Multi-purpose. Fully Electric

10 kg


All purpose

Multiple applications


No Infrastructure Required

10000 ft

Service Ceiling

An Industry's First

Presenting the C35-E VTOL UAS

C35-E is an advanced all-purpose fully electric VTOL UAV. This cutting-edge drone is capable of a wide range of applications including border control, wildfire management, wildlife monitoring, cargo delivery, and offshore operations. With its impressive key features and technical specifications, the C35-E is the ultimate tool for a variety of industries and operations. Its vertical take-off and landing capabilities allow for flexibility and convenience, and its all-electric propulsion system makes it environmentally friendly. The C35-E’s impressive class leading payload capacity and internal volume allow for adaptability and versatility in a variety of situations.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your operations with the C35-E UAS.

Key Features

C35-E comes with a host of features not available elsewhere.

Redundant Architecture (Fault-tolerant)

Equipped with RTK-GNSS for cm-level precision

Multi-UAV/Swarm support (one-to-many)

Fully autonomous Mission execution

Quick Snap Technology for quick mission response

Multi-payload carrying ways

multiple payloads for various mission requirements

Vertical take-off & landing (No runway required)

Developed primarily as a medical UAV. The drone’s ability to carry payload in multiple ways, including with a winch system for underslung cargo, make it suitable for medical delivery operations. A thermal regulated box can be accommodated inside the large fuselage to carry sensitive and perishable items over long distances quickly. This is particularly useful in rough terrains like valleys and mountains where time sensitive operations are difficult to perform. If you are in need of a UAV that is versatile, easy to operate, and highly reliable, C35-E VTOL UAV is the way to go.

Technical Specifications

Not only on paper, but on the field.


upto 10 kg

Internal & External


35 kg

Incl. Payload & Battery

Data Link Range


Based on options

Service Ceiling

3000 m

(10000 ft)

Max. Airspeed

160 km/h

at 3000m


Fully electric

HV-Li battery



Depending on payload

Payload Volume


Internal volume


3.2 m

High-lift capable


2.2 m

tip to tip


Triple redunant

AHRS Sensors


1 motor/esc failure

Fault tolerant

Redundant Architecture

Not only is the propulsion system highly fault-tolerant to allow safe operation in the even of a motor or controller failure, but also, our flight control surfaces also allow for operation in the even of  actuator failures. This makes C35-E VTOL the only UAV that offers true aviation-grade safety.

Internal Payload Bay

C35-E has the highest capacity internal payload bay volume in its class. So you can put sensitive items in there without the worry of damage or drop.

Advanced Avionics

C35-E VTOL offers the most complete set of avionics in a UAV. From dedicated AHRS sensors to SSR Transponders. The operator will have complete situational awareness.

A custom tailored solution


The C35-E VTOL UAS comes with a  countless number of advanced features. From payload carrying options to attaching survelliance/mapping based payloads.

In terms of camera and special features, the drone has the possibility of a winch system for aerial delivery without landing, can be used as a surveillance drone with multiple payload swaps (10kg payload capacity and large internal volume allow for a wide variety of optical payloads), and can be equipped with ADS-B or SSR transponder for detect and avoid capability and ATC interrogations. It also has the ability for auto land/auto takeoff and auto return home, as well as obstacle avoidance capabilities.

We dont just claim reliability, we prove it.

Designed to be certifiable

At Skyhawk Aero, we take a systems engineering and MBSE approach to design, ensuring that our aircraft platforms are reliable, safe, and effective. These engineering techniques allow us to create complex aircraft with traceability. An approach typically used in Commercial & Military Aircraft development. We are committed to developing solutions for a range of industries, including logistics, military, medical aid, off-shore supply, ISTAR, and communications relay.

Every Decision we took while designing the C35-E VTOL was to ensure we are in compliance with the relevant certifications. So when our aircraft is ready we can go through the certification process and prove the safety and airworthiness of our aircrafts.

We are not just another UAV Manufacturer.

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Use Cases



Our cargo UAVs are capable of transporting goods over long distances and in difficult environments. High Altitude and has a hybrid power train


Advanced aircraft platforms designed to meet heavy payload requirement of mapping & Survey equipment like Multi-spectral camera, LiDAR, SAR etc.

Medical Aid

Whether you need to transport medical supplies to a disaster zone or support emergency response efforts to remote or challenging locations.


Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) operations require advanced aircraft platforms


Advanced aircraft platforms designed specifically to meet the unique needs of military operations.

Communications Relay

Effective communication relay is essential for a wide range of operations, including defense, first responders, and commercial enterprises.

Limitless possibility

You decide how you want to your C35-E VTOL to assist you. We have create a platform that is suitable for any kind of mission requirement.

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You Ask, We Deliver

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